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Ralph Cotran

Ralph Cotran is a co-owner of US Optical, the third largest independent wholesale optical lab in the United States. US Optical was created in March of 2008 by Ralph, Ron, and Robert Cotran, three brothers. This company produces eyeglass lenses of every kind, including prescription eyeglass lenses, prescription sunglass lenses and non-prescription sunglass lenses. These lenses are sold to eye care professionals throughout the USA. The lenses are inserted in some of the most well-know frame and sunglass brands in the world including Cartier, TAG Heuer, Morgenthal Frederics, Silhouette, Wiley X, Costa Del Mar, Christian Dior, Alain Mikli, Mykita, Oakley, and many others.

US Optical grew to become the third-largest independent optical lab in only 5 years by creating a unique 24-Hour Turnaround business model, promoting and focusing on new technologies and establishing a customer service that is accessible, knowledgeable and most importantly, easy to work with.

Ralph Cotran is in charge of all marketing and Sales at US Optical and has created some of the most successful marketing programs and promotions in the Optical eyeglass business which have contributed to US Optical’s rapid growth.

He also attributes this growth to the national sales force he recruited and to his brothers, Ron and Robert Cotran, and their engineering and business abilities, including understanding and helping manufacturers develop new technologies, streamlining US optical operations into a very efficient, fast business model that is able to bring incredible value to eye care professionals and their patients and customers nationally.

Ralph feels that their are 7 incredible reasons for US Opticals success. They are:

  • 24-Hour Service
  • Creating proprietary and branded digital RX lenses – US Optical is the largest supermarket of high-definition lenses
  • Competitive Pricing
  • New Technologies
  • Comprehensive Customer Service
  • An Independent Status Where Owners and Employees Care About the Customers
  • Expertise in Sunglass Lens Technology.

Ralph Cotran himself is the son of a United Nations diplomat and an Italian-Greek mother. As a child he attended private schools and lived in Vientiane, Laos;  Mogadisho, Somalia; Geneva, Switzerland; Alexandria, Egypt; Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; and Beirut, Lebanon. He graduated from  the American Community High School in Beirut and went on to receive his BA in Economics Magna Cum laude from Albright College in Pennsylvania. He attended Syracuse University where he received his Masters In Business Administration (MBA).

Ralph is fluent in four languages, having studied and lived overseas and around the globe. He enjoys physical training in all types of martial arts and participates in soccer and basketball games.